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          Wolf Manor

          Tempers are fraying at Talbot Manor, Bridgnorth, former residence of famed stage magician the Great Mascalini, his home rented out by the trustees for a film shoot which
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          The Dunwich Horror

          The township of Dunwich, Massachusetts, lies on the rugged coast forty miles away from more prosperous Arkham where Doctor Henry Armitage is visiting the University as a guest
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          The Menu

          An exclusive restaurant on a private island, the price point ensures that the clientele of Hawthorne are wealthy if not sophisticated, taken by boat and toured past the
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          Silent Running

          In the early years of the 21st century Earth has arrived at an equilibrium point, with full employment and a stable environment, but there has been a cost,
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          Ju-On: The Curse

          There is a tradition of privacy in Japanese culture: what happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors, but for teacher Shunsuke Kobayashi he is obligated by position
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          The Burning

          Summer camp and slasher movies, two peculiarly specific American trends which seem to have tangled irrevocably together, largely thanks to Jason Voorhees who seems to extend his shelf
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          The Monster Club

          A late night walk for the horror writer R Chetwynd-Hayes, an act of vanity which opens a vein, admiring a book shop which features a prominent window display
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